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Duties of peer leaders

The peer leaders are a bridge or link of the faculty members with the rest of the students. They orient and motivate other students to participate in various activities of the college. Prior to undertaking the responsibilities they are briefed about various competitions, clubs and committees of the college. All peer leaders are the members of at least one club. They help in organizing activities of that club and prepare report thereof.

Youth is energetic and even committed to the cause on hand but at times looks lost because of absence of sense of direction. With this view of helping the student teachers to develop an understanding of one’s own self and the world around faculty members at this college conduct informal sessions for those who need special help. The counseling sessions are held over a week for all.

The flexible yet long hours 09:30 am to 5:00 pm that the faculty members spend at the college set an example to the students. Further accessibility of faculty members outside the classrooms help the student teachers to approach them for help.

Administrative Staff: Mr. Dipen Patel, Mr. Amit Makwan, Mr. Bhavin Prajapati

Helping Staff:Mr. Mahesh Machhi, Mr. Mahendra Mahelawa