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B.Ed Advanced Syllabus

Theory Papers

Paper No. Name of the paper
Core I Education in Emerging Indian Society
Core II Teaching, Learning & Evaluation: Perspectives and Practices
Core III Educational Management & Current Trends in Education
Core IV Technology & Other Soft Skills for Teachers
Core V Method Paper- 1 (Any one method)
Methodology of Teaching Economics
Methodology of Teaching English
Methodology of Teaching Environmental Education
Methodology of Teaching Mathematics
Core VI Method Paper - 2 (Any one method)
Methodology of Teaching Commerce
Methodology of Teaching Sanskrit
Methodology of Teaching Science
Methodology of Teaching Social Science
FP VII Foundation Paper-1 (Any one)Semester 1
A Teaching Reading
B Life Skills
C English For Specific Purposes
Foundation Paper-2 (Any one)Semester 2
A Practical Phonetics
B Functional Sanskrit
C Teaching Writing
EP VIII Electives Paper-1 (Any one)Semester 1
A Elementary Education
B Inclusive Education
C Measurement and Evaluation
D Introduction to Educational Research
Electives Paper-2 (Any one)Semester 2
A Guidance and Counselling
B Models of Teaching
C Inclusive Education
D Computer Education

M.Ed Syllabus

Theory Papers - Semester 1

Paper No. Name of the paper
F1 Life-skills Education for Quality of life (Foundation Paper)
Core Papers
Core 1 Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education
Core 2 Fundamentals of Educational Research
Core 3 Advanced pedagogy: Practical Dimensions
Elective Papers (Any one)
E1 Educational Measurement and Evaluation
E2 Professionalism in teacher Education
E3 Education for women Empowerment
E4 Education for Holistic Health
E5 Environnemental Education
E6 Education for Developing Thinking and creativity
E7 Economics of Education
E8 Educational Technology
E9 Educational Administration and Management
E10 Global Perspectives on education
E11 Psychology of Counselling and Guidance

Theory Papers - Semester 2

Paper No. Name of the paper
F2 Indian Perspectives on Education (Foundation Paper)
Core Papers
Core 4 Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education
Core 5 Educational Research in Action
Core 6 Advanced Pedagogy: Directions for Teacher Education
Elective Papers (Any one)
E12 Dynamics of Psychological Testing
E13 Advanced Educational Leadership
E14 Academic Skills for Teacher Educators
E15 Human Development and Peace Studies
E16 ICT in Education
E17 Yoga Education
E18 Education for Community Development
E19 Curriculum Development
E20 Teacher Education
E21 Futuristics and Innovative Practices in Education
E22 Statistical Methods for Educational Research