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Infrastructure    ( Area wise )

With a view to creating a work culture that promotes learning and smooth functioning, every requisite infrastructure for quality education is made available at the college. The college is housed in a three-storey building built in accordance with NCTE norms with a total area of 5014.74 sq. mts. It is a recent construction (March 2004), equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure. Apart from amenities provided by the management to each individual institution, there are additional facilities for common use for over 44 institutions run by the Charutar Vidya Mandal (CVM). These are the Shapurji Learning Centre which houses a library and a hall, Shastri Maidan in the centre of the town and stadiums at the New Vallabh Vidyanagar Campus for sports and other large events, numerous auditoria, etc. Moreover, the Career Development Centre is for counselling, career enhancement and personality development, available for both faculty and students. CVM owns 12 buses and over two dozen vans and cars, allotted either to individual institutions or maintained as a common pool. These amenities are available to every institution on demand. Further, the Ayurveda Hospital provides free medicine and stay for 7 days to anyone from the campus.

At the entrance of the Waymade College of Education, there is a beautiful garden with lush green lawn, flowering plants and shady trees. The lawn is used by student-teachers and teacher-educators for brief relaxation and occasionally for short sessions. Below given are the details of the building.

Floor Room No. Name Assigned
Ground 01. Principal’s Office
02. NAAC Room
03. Administrative Room
04. Conference Room
05. Staff Room with attached restrooms
06. Science Lab
07. Computer Lab
08. Library + Reprographic Room
First 09. Language Lab
10. Store Room
11. Girls’ Common Room
12. Psychology Lab
13. Social Science Room
14. Boys’ Common Room
15. First Aid Room
16. Assembly Hall
Second 17. Staff Room
18. Common Room
19. Class Room
20. Dissertation Room
21. English Room
22. Multipurpose Hall
23. Economics - Commerce Room
24. Mathematics Room
Floor Built up Area Number of Rooms
Ground floor 540.22 Sq. Mt 08 Rooms
First floor 500.65 Sq. Mt 08 Rooms
Second Floor 459.48 Sq. Mt 08 Rooms
Terrace 459.48 Sq. Mt  
Total 1959.83 Sq. Mt  
Remaining F S I 46.82 Sq. Mt  
Total 2006.65 Sq Mt 24 Rooms


The College has web 2.0 technology. Digital Smart Board, Over Head Projector, LCD, etc are use for classroom teaching learning process. Student- teachers are orient about preparation of lesson plan using digital smart board, Over head projector and LCD, etc. Teacher Educator mainly follows Participatory Approach in classroom teaching learning. Many tasks, activities, handouts, worksheets are designed by them for giving classroom instruction in their respective subjects. For school subject’s variety of teaching learning aids, audio – visual materials, equipments, chemicals, glass wares are used by the student-teacher to deliver their content in the classrooms.

Library at WMCE has SOUL Software, Institutional Repository (DSpace), e-learning software (Moodle), journals, reference books, magazines, encyclopaedia, textbooks, dissertations and theses, etc. These learning resources are used to enhance student-teachers self learning and also for their research work. The library also has separate Reprographic Section. more...


The building is wifi enable. Besides this, a closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) is fixed that is used for security and surveillance purpose only. The college has also installed Incineration machine. The purpose is to combust organic substances contained in waste that converts solid waste into ash, flue gas and heat. Thus it reduces solid waste in the landfills and keeps our surrounding clean.

Accommodation facility

The students are housed in hostels managed by the CVM. Though the CVM runs over a dozen hostels for its numerous institutions, each institution has been assigned a hostel/ rooms in a hostel for its students. Rooms in two hostels - Bhaikaka Hostel for boys (50 seats) and Square Hostel for girls (50 seats) - are allotted to student-teachers of Waymade. The college administrative office and teacher-educators assist student-teachers to get admission in the hostels. There are amenities like bathrooms, a kitchen with a dining hall, recreational and health facilities. The girls' hostel has a guestroom for guardians of students. There is computer facility to facilitate studies. All hostels are centrally maintained.