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About Waymade College of Education (WMCE)

Since Teacher component is a very much crucial in the development of individual and the society, Charutar Vidya Mandal (with several group of colleges, schools, training centres and Hospitals) a renowned institution known as CVM established Waymade College of Education in 2004 which is now a constituent college in Faculty of Education, CVM University. The courtesy and good wishes expressed through generous donation by Shri Bhikhubhai Patel and Shri Vijaybhai Patel has created the state-of-the-art institute. The vision of this English Medium Teacher Education Institution serves to prepare young teachers contribute towards development of knowledge and skilled society. Along with the idea of happy and successful living, the goal of the Faculty of Education (including B.Ed., M.Ed. and Ph.D.) remains to preserve, advance and transmit the values, culture, peace and humanity through education and thus add to the society the committed and concerned classroom practitioners.

With the essence of roots of Indian culture, the institute carries out various processes to make trainee teachers understand the process of education and make them globally competent with ethos for societal well-being. Whereas with the application of technology in education, the faculty adds wings to the trainee teacher simultaneously with value education, it strengthens their roots. The practices at the institute that ensures the exposure of innovative and effective learning experiences enabled these teachers to be placed across the globe.

With various course on research, peace education, human rights, educational concerns of constitution and the various healthy practices such as career guidance and placements, self-appraisal & self-regulations, transparent & participatory governance, bridge course, enhancing soft skills, web 2.0 ICT learning, material productions, blended teaching & learning, holistic development, peer counselling and tutoring makes trainee students confident and capable to sustain in this changing world of Education and thus prepares them for life. Moreover, it also incorporates the shift that are coming up in the Education and prepare trainee teachers to accept and adapt those shifts and contribute to the societal reconstruction.


The name of the college Waymade is a replica of another organisation - Waymade Healthcare Ltd. A Pharmaceutical firm, based in the UK with branches all over the world. Waymade Healthcare is owned by Shri Bhikhubhai Patel and Shri Vijaybhai patel whose good wishes expressed through general donations have created the state-of-the-art institution.




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  NCTE Latter of B.Ed.

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Late Shri Chottabhai and Smt Shantaben.

Vijaybhai Patel and Bhikhubhai Patel

Dr. Avdhesh Jha

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The Journey

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Healthy Practices

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2. Community-College Links: Since education a..
3. Competition is said to be the mother..

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Innovative Practices

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Our Vision Mission Goals & Credo

Vision To Contribute towards Development of Knowledge Society
Mission To Contribute towards SociMissionetal Reconstruction through Quality Education
Goals To Restore the Glory of the Profession of Teaching & Give to the Society Teachers who are Committed, Concerned Classroom Practitioners Globally Competitive yet Rooted in the Indian Ethos Oriented to societal well-being Sensitive, caring human beings Sound in their understanding of the meaning and the process of education.
Credo Redefining Excellence:from knowledge - seeking to knowledge - creation

Why Choose Us

To become effective professionals as recommended by the NCTE, that is, to develop enabling & equipping skills

  • 10 Competencies
    • Contextual
    • Teaching Learning Material
    • Conceptual
    • Evaluation
    • Curricular
    • Management Transactional.
    • Parental Contact and co-operation. Educational Activities
    • Community contact and co-operation
  • 5 Performance Levels
    • In the classroom
    • The learner
    • At the school level
    • The society
    • Out of school activities
  • 5 Commitment Areas
    • The profession
    • PTA
    • Excellence
    • Community work
    • Basic human values
With these as the minimum levels of learning, we attempt to empower student teachers to meet the challenges of global competitiveness and kindle in them concern for social well being.

We and our college

Distinctive Competence Building

Co-curricular Activities Objectives..

The College

People belonging to the first category are ready to accept challenges, ready to take...

The Pledge

I solemnly take the pledge that I shall forever yearn knowledge, perseverin...

Our Faculty

he team of teacher educators consists of competent persons who have und...