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Know more about our Journey.

In the Indian ethos, ‘journey’ and ‘path’ symbolise perseverance and progress. The curved path in the upward direction represents the pilgrimage of a student, a seeker of knowledge. The bright sun symbolises both the penance requisite of a swadhyayi, a student, as well as the brilliance, that is, the outcome of the penance. The soothing green backdrop represents the supportive climate needed for an individual’s growth.

This is an invitation, rather a challenge, to undertake this arduous journey as teachers, as moulders of the society. It is arduous because the onus entailing the honour bestowed upon teachers is awesome. Teachers as architects of the society ought to equip themselves with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes.

We have before us a difficult path to traverse. Nevertheless, everything worth doing is difficult. With this mind set, we have set out on the journey as humble seekers, as well as facilitators, creating a knowledge society. May our conscience and community be the torchbearers /guiding light!